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Hijama for Hair Loss

If you are worried about hair loss then you can try Hijama therapy.

Performing cupping therapy on the scalp, can help open the follicles and promote blood circulation to help maintain the hair. This only applies to follicles that are still alive. Hijama also helps you to regain the nourishment of hair, due to the use of chemicals in hair.

Is Hijama is the best Therapy to stop Hair Loss? ... When excess hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is removed from the scalp, the blood is allowed to increase the amount of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles and this will prevent any further shrinkage of the hair shaft and allow it to grow stronger and fuller.
Required session: 6-8 treatments 
Who does it work on: people who are not completely bold and still have a growing hair follicle.
Does it work? so far exceptional results. Our clients are quite happy with the improvement and how well it’s working.