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Facial cupping for Lymphatic Facial



This method of facial cupping massage stimulates the connective tissue and cells to release waste, promote lymph and blood flow the end result being smoother and firmer looking skin.

How does it work?

Facial cupping uses custom sized silicon suction cups. As you squeeze the silicon cup and place it onto the skin, a reverse suction action picks up the facial tissues and lifts them into the dome. With benefits similar to that of a massage, this lifting of facial tissues increases blood circulation, shuttling in fresh oxygen and nutrients, whilst stimulating the lymph nodes for advanced lymphatic drainage to dump out all the toxic waste which can be clogging up the skin—cute. As the excess fluid gets drained, you are rewarded with less puffiness while all that plumping and lifting gives you an immediate and noticeable facelift.

☑️Please ensure you come cleansed or makeup free prior to your appointment.

STEP 1: By applying gentle pressure on the skin and squeezing the facial silicone cup, our therapist can adjust the vacuum created by the cup for a tailored treatment result

STEP 2: Our therapist can then ‘glide’ the cup over the skin during treatment to stimulate blood flow and waste removal under the skin. Using https://curaco.com.au/collections/essentials/products/essential-oils

STEP 3: Post cupping massage, the therapist will conclude the service with LED Therapy. Our therapist will decide which coloured wavelength is right for you.

Benefits of LED Phototherapy
Research has shown that the treatment can:
  • increase collagen production,
  • destroy bacteria,
  • reduce inflammation,
  • improve skin tone, texture and clarity 
  • ease muscular and joint pain.
  • healing and anti-inflammatory properties. 
Different wavelengths of light in  include blue, red & green that help the skin rejuvenate and heal.
What are LED therapy advantages?
LED is great for:
  • reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,
  • improving uneven skin tone,
  • reducing pores size, and
  • brightening the skin.
Treatment is quick and convenient, no downtime, no skin irritation, no photosensitivity, the treatment process is easy, without any pain.
 ✔ Fast, safe, no side effects
What are the benefits in Facial cupping and how can this assist me?
  • increase oxygen-rich blood circulation
  • strengthen skin and connective tissues
  • stimulate cells responsible for collagen production
  • relax muscle tension
  • brighten skin
  • minimize the appearance of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • tone chin, jawline, neck, and décolletage
  • decrease puffiness
  • regulate oil production
  • improve nutrient delivery and product absorption


Wait, am I going to get a black eye?

“But the bruising?!” I hear you yell. No stress girl—unlike the traditional cupping practice, the petite cups glide smoothly across your face in a constant motion of lifting and smoothing, resulting in perhaps a little pink-ness (that’s the good oxygenating blood flow hitting your troublesome spots) but sans-bruising. The only time time there’s potential for some suspicious hickey-like marks to crop up is if you, or your therapist leaves the cups in one spot for too long—so keep on moving to avoid any awkward marks tomorrow!

At-home cupping kits exist https://curaco.com.au/collections/essentials/products/facial-cupping, but you may find it easier to relax under the care of a professional. This may allow for a more even application.

Seeing a professional also ensures that the proper technique is followed.

If you decide you want try cupping at home, ask your practitioner for guidance.


Your overall experience is estimated to take ⏰45 minutes

💲Price: https://curaco.com.au/pages/price-list

@CURACO pair cupping with LED therapy to ensure optimal results. 

We recommend 1 session a week for the first 10 weeks, following maintenance appointments once a month.

There aren’t any restrictions following your appointment. You will be able to drive or continue with your daily activities.

We recommend clients avoid washing their face for 12 hours. This will allow your skin to absorb our luxurious blend of Vitamin-rich Complex Oil , specially formulated to nourish and help combat the delicate ageing process.

Facial cupping promotes circulation, which may help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decrease puffiness, and more.

You can experiment with facial cupping at home, but it may be best to reach out to our friendly team @CURA CO an experienced practitioner for your first session. We can answer any questions you have and may be able to offer additional guidance on your skincare needs.