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Hire a training centre

Are you a trainer searching for a place to conduct your course from? We hear you!

Why CURA CO Training Academy?

We run classes all over Australia, and are always searching for different clinics interstate fully equiped and ready for us to come in and just teach. Avoid holding and organising beds and equipment. We have the place ready for you.

Whats included:

    • Choice of 1-6 Beds
    • Choice of 1-6 Trolleys
    • Sharps and bio hazard receptacles (optional)
    • Ring light for those perfect pictures
    • Waste rooms
    • Reception area
    • Coffee and Tea area

    Who is suitable?

    Brow techs, Lash techs, Teeth whitening, Remedial services, Skin Specialists, Cosmetic Injectors, Infusion Injectors and much more

    Price per day; from $349 

    Please provide your preferred date in the the message below. Available Monday to Sunday.