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Large Body Silicone Cupping 

Before you start

Make sure you never perform cupping on a dry skin. Apply oil generously. This will promote circulation boosting properties that help reduce cellulite and water retention in the body.


What is the frequency of the treatments?

For it to work - and it does work - the treatment needs to be VERY consistent. 

PHASE 1: Two sessions every week for the first month 

PHASE 2: One session every 2 weeks during the second month

PHASE 3: One session a week during the third month 

During a session, each target area should be massaged for 10 minutes. For example, if you'd like to reduce cellulite on the front and the back of the legs, you'll need to massage the front and the back of each leg for 10 minutes - which brings the session to a total of 40 minutes. 

As a professional, I'd suggest you see your patient once a week, and sell the cup to your patient for them to continue the treatment at home. 


Is it painful?

Before offering this treatment to your clients, make sure you practice on yourself. Cupping over cellulite can be painful, especially during the first few sessions. Make sure you adapt the suction of the cups according to your patient’s pain tolerance, and keep checking with them if the suction is ok. You can generally use a much stronger suction over the buttocks area. 


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