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Flame Glass Cupping Set

Flame Glass Cupping Set

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Set of 5 Glass Cupping Cups

As used by Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Cupping Therapists and Hijama Practitioners. 

A great quality thick glass, the cup has a flat top for fire cupping techniques, the flat top also provides a stable base to prevent the cup from rolling on a flat surface. The glasses are made of fireproof and safe glass. They are all easily disinfected.

– Inner Diameter:

CUP 5- 5.5cm, approx

CUP 4- 5.0cm, approx

CUP 3- 4.0cm, approx

CUP 2- 3.5cm, approx

CUP 1- 3.0cm, approx

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